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Why Project Management Service?

It seems like you have your first project, but you don't know where and how to start?

You run a company and lots of unique orders cause chaos, fulfillment delays, financial dilemmas and you don't know where is the problem?

You need to seriously think about implementing project management in your company. If you already have it, you need to find out what created that issue.

You're already working on the project or project portfolio, but still struggling with the same issues made by:

  • lower staffing level consequent from insufficient resources (sickness, holidays, overwork of your project managers, etc.),
  • a shortage of experienced cadre who may not have project management knowledge and experience,
  • ineffective and indefinite feed of the time and money (resources) into the project,
  • cash flow constraints caused by a budget shrink or competition grows,

You need to seriously think about renting me as your Project Manager.

Benefits of Project Management Service

The main benefits of employing me as a Project Manager in your organization:

  • Lower employment cost.

Project management service on a per-project basis. Fewer projects, less money to spend. Exclusion of all expensive administrative burden related to hire, train and retain full-time equivalent (FTE).

  • High level of competence and experience.

Transfer of knowledge to the organization by using knowledge and experience from previous projects, own researches, market analyses, methodologies. Implementing some of the right best practices.

  • Independence from contractor, clients and internal staff.

It helps in full objectivity in the realization of the business case. Supports definition and realization of goals.

  • Higher effectiveness

The result of striving for the best solutions which are not steeped in possible company's political turmoil, bad habits, and cronyism. There is also an opportunity to see problems that are not recognized by the company's members and use the real potential of employees

  • Own working equipment
  • B2B contract with confidentiality agreement,

The possibility of linking pay to performance (milestones), addressing professional conduct, ethical behavior, time commitments, scope and other factors into any agreement.

Project Management activities

The main activities carried out for the project:

  • Project Communications Management

Planning, managing and monitoring communications within organization and outside (client, stakeholders, departments, suppliers, project team, etc.)

  • Project Stakeholder Management,

Identifying, planning, managing and monitoring stakeholder engagement.

  • Project Scope Management

Planning, defining validating and controlling scope, collecting requirements, creating WBS,

  • Project Schedule Management

Planning, developing and controlling the schedule, defining and sequencing activities, setting critical paths, project limitations and milestones.

  • Project Cost Management

Planning, estimating and controlling costs, determining a budget.

  • Project Resource Management

Planning, acquiring and controlling resources, estimating activities, developing and managing the project team.

  • Project Quality Management

Planning, managing, and controlling quality.

  • Project Risk Management

Planning, identifying and monitoring risks, performing qualitative and quantitative risk analysis, implementing risk responses.

  • Project Procurement Management

Planning, conducting and controlling procurements.

  • Project Integration Management

Developing a project charter and project management plan, directing, managing, monitoring and controlling project work, project change management; managing project knowledge, leading closing each phase and the whole project including lessons learned.

Building and developing whole project management or its parts in the company. Creating and maintaining a Project Management Office.  Creating and improvement company's processes and management tools.

All activities preceded by an internal audit.