Business Support

Nowadays, entrepreneurs, are very busy people and they have to cope with many activities. Choosing the right PKD* code, creating Security Policy and IT System Management Instruction for Personal Data Protection (GIODO), dealing with complaints or the process optimization - all that needs to be done somehow.

Whether it is opening a new business (in Poland) or improving the performance of existing company the list of activities is big and challenging, especially if you don't have enough experienced staff.

If the above description also applies to you, please check my offer and contact me if I can be helpful.

* PKD - code list of classification of business activities in Poland


Web Page Design

In today's world, if you have company without a website, you don't exist (at least in an online word). A website is a great tool if you could use it smartly.
I could build a website for you both simple one-page business card or advanced web with blog, shop and many other features, including the option of multilingual sites.
Please check the detailed offer and examples of the websites which I can build for you (including this one).

Website Option & Calculator Maker

Online Marketing

You are before to decide what online marketing will achieve customer growth traction? I can help you with testing the basic channels* and choose the one which is the best for your business.

If you are looking for offline advertising including building exhibition stands I can recommend you professional Pablo Design.

* Targeting Blogs, SEM & SEO, Social and Display Ads, Content and Email Marketing, Affiliate Programs.

Quotation & Commercial Offer

You have started a business, you are planning to acquire new contractors, a potential customer is asking you to present a general offer, you prepare contract or purchase-sales-work order or service.

I can help you to prepare all necessary forms like an offer, quotation, letter of intent, etc.


Business Plan

Whether you’re trying to get money for your business or are developing a plan for strategic growth of an entire organization or single department a solid Business Plan is a key component of every successful business.

Good Business Plan is a living document that should be checked on a regular basis and update as you learn more about your company and clients. It's a tool which states the goals you'd like to achieve, track the progress and adjust company's direction.

The comprehensive Business Plan includes:

  • Executive summary: business overview, solution, target market, competition, team, financial summary, funding requirements, milestones, and traction.
  • Opportunity: the problem and solution, target market, key customers, competition, future product, and services.
  • Execution marketing and sales plan - positioning, pricing, promotion, strategic alliances, operations, distribution, milestones, and metrics, key assumptions and risks.
  • Team and company overview: team management, mission statement, intellectual property, legal structure, company history, location.
  • Financial plan: sales forecast, personnel plan, profit and loss statement, cash flow statement, balance sheet, use of funds, exit strategy.

The tool which I am using for ordering and analyzing information when creating Business Plan is SWOT/TOWS Analysis which includes Nominal Ranking and Team Facilitation when needed.

Strategy Deployment

Every company needs a strategy. In most of the cases, companies have the one, but not many know how to execute it. If your organization is one of them Business Commoners could help you align people and processes to effectively manage the fulfillment of the strategy.

Strategy Deployment will help your company implement the strategic vision and individual actions.

Successful strategy deployment consists of a long-term goal with goals, deadlines and regular strategy reviews.

Internal Audit

Whether it is an audit that precedes one of the Business Support services (which I am offering for your company) or just an audit itself, I provide independent and objective examination, monitoring, and analysis of the company's operations. These include goals, business structure, employees' behavior and information systems.

The internal audit function is to say, that an organization's management, control processes, risk evaluation, operational analysis, and information are working effectively.

I have accreditation of Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) for Internal Quality Auditor and Internal Auditor of Integrated Management Systems which confirms my skills, experience and performance as well work in accordance to international standards and code of ethics.


Development & Process Optimization

Organizational and process review in terms of process optimization and detection of weaknesses.

Mapping, development and improvement processes with the use of methods such as: Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Lean Management and Total Quality Management (TQM).


If your business looking for help in attaining goals, solving problems which often require a fresh perspective, finding new and better ways of doing things (improving performance), develop services and reduce cost, my consulting support may be at hand.

The consulting activities involve working with the organization in all sectors, strategy, structure, management, and operations. It is related to aptitude for client handling, listening, strategic planning, business analysis, and team building.

In order to get the expected results pulling the right people from the right teams, putting in place right processes, get the right technology in place is a must.

If you are ready for that, please use below form to contact me.

Change Management

Changes at companies are not an easy thing. There are many obstacles to the implementation of the changes. Best Practices in Change Management reported by the 2018 edition that the top 5 obstacles to change management success are:

  1. Lack of executive support and active sponsorship
  2. Inadequate change management buy-in and resourcing
  3. Resistance and lack of support for the specific solution
  4. Change-resistant culture and organizational structure
  5. Change saturation and lack of prioritization

If your company is facing those difficulties, there may be a huge risk that the changes will not work it out.  The only solution is to overcome them proactively and mitigate the risks. 

Please contact me to find out more about this service.