Business Commoners

The idea of setting up the business and calling it Business Commoners appears after a lecture of David Bollier "Think like a commoner". This book has helped me to understand many mechanisms currently operating in the present world, and literally change my life. I've started to do my own research and find out that there are many things to do in this area - especially in terms of business. Today with that knowledge I am ready to spray that idea among those who need and want to change their life and entrepreneurship footprint. It's about creating a constantly growing group of aware people, companies, called each other COMMONERS. I will explain that concept step by step below. Just stay with me.

Who is a Commoner?

According to Wikipedia, a commoner is someone who belongs to the common people, also known as the common man, the masses or the ordinary people in the community or nation who lack any significant social status. However, I would like to quote a different theory for that word. The name commoners derives its meaning directly from the expression common good which is everything that has no owner but everyone is using it. The best examples of the common good are water and air, which we are breathing. Besides, we have other well-known examples of common goods like open source programs (Linux), information on the internet (Wikipedia), all works based on Creative Commons licenses, radio and TV available on public frequency, fishery, arable lands, natural resources, etc.

On the opposite side of common goods, there is a market which includes everything from the stock market to a hardware store. Similarly, the commons is an umbrella term for a paradigm of social behavior and activity that involves self-organized governance and a self-provisioning of resources that tend to be local and specific - Bollier explains. When a group of people identifies a resource and want to manage and steward these resources collectively for the benefit of all, the commons get created. But it is not only resources. Commons are also the social community that manages it and the rules, values, and practices that are used as well.

The Commoners will be those who create that social community and adapt to their locality, ecosystem, resource, and culture.

Market vs Commons

The question is whether the commons can coexist with the market or not? The truth is that commoners need to be strong enough to survive in the market culture which is always insatiable. Especially monetizing everything may lead to destroying the social solidarity and collective stewardship of a resource. This is where the need for the Business Commoners appeared. It is a bridge between the market and commons which shows that the main goal of our existence is not profit maximization or money accumulation but the market's needs satisfaction.

Why are changes essential?

These days corporate capitalism and the state are desperately inefficient and I am not talking about indicators which media poisoning us on daily basis. It's about the consumptive privatization of public resources, an advertisement that squeezes into every corner of public life, and damages to the natural and social environment.

We all know how much destruction has been done by the financial crisis in 2008. Impunity of the financial sector, inequalities, and big human dramas caused the emergence of organizations which polarizing society as well as the increase in nationalist moods.

The world seeks a new alternative to the current economy which requires upgrading.
There is a big need to understand the commons and hence recovering our humanity. Emphasize for satisfying basic needs, social equality and limits on the exploitation of nature beyond current selfish and profit orientated role of the market is an urgent step towards stabilization.

What can Business Commoners do for you?

The Commons has a very big potential for meeting everyone's need more effectively. That can be done by three key bases: social understanding, technological systems, and legal protections.

There is a big diversity of support which Business Commoners offers. Starts from the access to the internet-based commons like posts, reviews of the open-source programs, open-access publishing, promotion and access to events related to commons matter.

Finishes with participation in creating a new common good project or establishing cooperation with the existing one, exchanging ideas, guiding - especially when resolving difficult practical problems. My experience as a member of Poznan Food Coop could be an advantage in this case in providing a framework for practice, rules, and technology which may be implemented in your common good activity.

Business Commoners assists your efforts to fulfill constitutional values that serve the common good and helps you get the best score on the balance sheet which serves Economy for the Common Good.

You need to be aware that the commoners are pioneers of new forms of production, more responsible and open forms of governance, innovative forms of technology and culture, healthier and more attractive ways of life. If you decide to open yourself to commons you become The Commoner. It's easy as that.